Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


Royal Impact Style
Project Soul: Let's put more modern outfits in CaS parts
Those are from SCV. Maybe we can hope they'll drop a bunch of stuff like actual SCV costumes but between Ivy's earrings, the mini top hat, and the boxing stuff, it might be a pattern. Shouldn't expect too much.

I'm worried that the Issen move was given to him.

That is Alpha Patroklos super animation and a twist on Setsuka's super.

Setsuka's super better deliver 'cause I call shenanigans on Haohmaru if that's the case.
It can't be helped. Haohmaru is a samurai and lightning blade or issen is a SamSho staple/mechanic. Also means he has a second super maybe.


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no one talks about the Kilik stage used by Mi-na/Xianghua, OMG Seong dojang is the 4th stage and DLC Pink & Gray gets a brand new stage. Kappa
Good catch.

Obviously that one is Edgemaster stage as is the same one of Kilik but with walls. Nice throwback to SC1 as Edgemaster was Kilik stage at the afternoon.

Also, nice homage to SC3 Rock's stage. (SC2 Colosseum but with walls)