Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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At this point I don’t particularly care about who gets in (unless they aren’t some form of legacy/lore character) so long as I’ll be able to play as Yun-Seong before SCVII.

Unfortunately, I appear to be in the minority of people here who want him back, excluding DanteSC3, LisaK, and Dissidia’s nihilistic side.

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I guess they really want a guest who will actually show up at tournaments in a big way. Well, once people are having tournaments again, anyway.. Anyway, Haohmaru...I can't be the only one thinking this is the first SouCalibur to ever get Mitsurugi properly calibrated and out of high/mid-high tier, and now there's this flaily fff...! ...fellow. Fellow.
Oh no, Mitsurugi is honestly still a really solid character. He has some really good and safe pokes in neutral such as his AA, BB, 2B, 4B. Not to mention his 50/50 game (abeit punishable if the opponent reads him right) and quite a few are unseeable such as his 1KB and 1B series of strings Plus his meter game is very versatile especially in a corner/wall/stage edge for his Soul Charge that already aids his mixup game and whiff punishment even further. His CE is also still really fantastic even if it doesn’t punish moves on -12 anymore (now it’s-14 and above) and is one of the ways to access his Shura Blade which gives him his new i12 punisher. He’s got a lot going for him and is great for improving your fundamentals with.

This character was heavily slept on during the launch period of the game and he’s even gained plenty of success thanks to players like Skyll who’s played him at his peak.


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TFW you go on twitter and see Yun-Seong fans dissing Hwang.....


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I see what people mean about Haoh's choppy animations. He cancels into animations like a 2D character. There's no tweening, just a sharp cut.

Also, his backwalk specifically has a weird hitch where he pauses for a brief moment. Hopefully, they at least patch that out.


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Hey guys! Isn't Nakoruru's headband one of the best pieces of extra equipment they given us. It can serve as a waistband or fundoshi for Lizardman. Because they need to cover up those parts lol.
I made a android 17 scarf with it.
It blends well with capes if you are trying to cover up parts of equipment like Siegfried's bird and Hilde's wolves.
And can just be a plain ol well shaped headband.
The new stages are good as well.

Sadly I don't think the Medusa headpiece won't be released until Halloween -_- or even the Horus vizard. Hopefully that will be Setsuka dlc, she might not be released until "winter."


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Anyone know if Haohmaru's stage appears in rank/arcade modes?
Or is it another City Ruin (2B stage) situtation.
I’ve literally just logged in just to ask the same question. LOL

it’s is such a waste if not, no one that I know plays and loves Soulcalibur like do so I don’t get much offline play at all.
So I hardly ever see 2B’s stage unless it’s YouTube.

they need to fix that.


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Hi everyone! Recently i discovered one interesting detail in Versus Mode which, in my opinion, can replaces the arcade mode. After battle, when you choose "Rematch with random stage" the game change not only a stage but also a character of player who choose "random" in character select screen.


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Ok I will say it right here. Haohmaru was a character I was initially very sceptical of. But I must admit after messing around with him for a while I can now say that he may just be my favourite style in the entire game, alongside Taki. his new stage was my favourite from the moment it was released, and the track is amazing. In a way I want BAMCO to bring him back again. He's just too damn fun!


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Even if they’re just recolors, you’ve got to respect what little additions they’ve made to the stages.

The daytime forest has wolves in the background.

The prayer wheels, the gongs going off if you slam your opponent into them, and the opponents getting set on fire if they hit the torches are pretty cool too.

Let’s see what the other two do. Again hoping for a daytime Orstreinsburg and Lava Shrine.


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Day 2 Haohmaru: Getting better with his warriors force, but noticed the move that leads straight into it as opposed to following it up of verts or horizontal is asking to get wrecked by Amy, and most of the faster characters like Talim etc. His sidestep stab is amazing and has excellent range. His soul explosion thing is pretty hard to pull off but satisfying. I've been using him in a more methodical manner and not as a rushdown character. Gonna make a custom Haoh tonight and give him a new outfit. I'll post the screens after


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Hi everyone! Recently i discovered one interesting detail in Versus Mode which, in my opinion, can replaces the arcade mode. After battle, when you choose "Rematch with random stage" the game change not only a stage but also a character of player who choose "random" in character select screen.

Thank you for this tip. I am going to use this! However I am noticing very annoying things with "random stage" that bug me!

Even when picking random stage, I have found myself playing on the same stage twice! Additionally, it seems to heavily favor the original stages...I only found 2B and Hildes stage once of now I have not found The nighttime temple stage or haohmarus stage through this.

The music "random" feature is also kind of broken.

I love this method though. Thank you for suggesting it! I never find 2B in arcade mode anymore and I like seeing more stages so this method is great!


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Grøh actually says the names of his reversal edge attacks too. Imagine hearing GUINEVERE'S INDISCRETION then taking a heavy ass knee to the chest.
That must be so embarrassing. Imagine getting the stuffing punched outta you, and all the while this edgelord boi is screaming "LOWENTHAL'S COURAGE"