Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


[14] Master
Yeah i see what you mean, as i know i know i'm never gonna use those, (unless some parts would have to create specific costume in mind), but still rather have some other stuffs instead, like some alt outfits from past SC, still glad we're getting some with each update though.
Yeah it's free but so useless, I mean people have been asking for 2Ps, they could have salvaged most SCV's costumes (and tbh I would have liked to use Pat's, Maxi's, or Cervantes' costumes, they were really cool), maybe for SCVII ^^


[13] Hero
Oh wow, looks like they really did somehow make all that scarf and feathers work for Hwang. Fair enough, totally cool with being wrong in his case. Absolutely nothing wrong at all with his addition. Now lets hope his moveset works out well enough, they can still ruin him.


[12] Conqueror
I'm glad that Hwang is finally back but it's so weird lol.

When I saw the trailer, I was suspicious at first. But when I saw some of the moves, I stopped caring whether this is actually Hwang or not because whoever this is was showing some of Hwang's original moves (which was what I was hoping for the most). Whether this was Hwang or a new character, I was already hyped. I'm excited to be playing with his moveset again after all these years despite it being heavily reworked.

Still, I didn't expect Hwang to turn into a Korean Bloodborne Ninja Exorcist. As weird as it is, hopefully this will establish him as a staple character and his moveset will be carried on as a SOULCALIBUR mainstay. I really didn't care about how bland his character was, I was happy playing a generic no-name Assassin in SOULCALIBUR II because the moveset was fun lol.


[07] Duelist
Horangi Arirang from Soul Edge sounds good in the trailer.
It actually sounds amazing, surprised people aren't talking about it more. I wonder if it'll actually be used in the game anywhere? Also, what's up with the delay in getting Hwang's official character art published - we still don't know what his background emblem/motif is and whether the mask will be his primary costume or not?!


[13] Hero
So, Hwang looks badass, and at least a bit complex.

A few questions.

Wonder how actually complex he'll be, since he used to be quite straightforward iirc, given how some people talked about him (never played him myself)

Is he original Hwang? If he's original timeline, maybe that explains where the flying fuck he's been. If this is new Hwang, what on earth happened to turn him into a vampire hunter, did a vampire kill his parents and try to usurp his fortune?

Will he be related to Cassandra in any way?

Wasn't his original weapon white thunder (storm?) or something like that. Wonder why his weapon is different? Soul edge kinda thing?

Will his armour be baked into his pants?

Will we get a costume similar to his original?

Anyone have an idea who his voice actor is?

How the hell does he wear a headband under that mask?