Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

If I'm looking at the recommended move list the learning difficulty goes Novice, Intermediate, then expert. Seems like there are a lot of novice level characters in the beta. Also Maxi a expert level really?
Weird Arcade didn’t have a boss or rival/Destined Battle of sorts. And stages per character might be SCII style, but I don’t get what Groh has to do with Eurydice. Or they could be random.

But did Mi-Na really just go there?

Still, the art turning into the models is cool. I presume that custom character photos will replace the character art too.
I saw someone mention that there could be a variation in Tira's Critical Edge depending on if she triggers it while Gloomy, looks like they were right judging from that booklet:

Critical Edge: Bleak Concerto
A fast, rising middle attack that can be used in air combos. If you unleash it while Jolly, you'll finish as Gloomy. Unleash it
as Gloomy, however, and you'll perform a follow-up attack that deals a huge amount of damage.


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Since when has Soulcalibur not had a boss at the end of Arcade? That's such a bizarre and anti-climactic design choice :/ I thought SCV sucked 'cause it was just Nightmare, Cervy or Kilik but at least there WAS a designated 'boss' of sorts for each route. But SCVI has NOTHING? Even though Inferno is in the game and has a stage and everything? So weird :/