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Oniyuri Costume (Kote)


Wolf mask

this too means i'm going to re-create Auguste from SC4! so my SC4 NPC CAS will be complete! but, still no regular Leather Mask without Comb

Bouncer uniform

it come with the beads.. not like Kilik's upper robe where the belt is seperate from it

and i know, no ring trousers but what about this?

Oniuri costume (leg)


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Was just messing around with Setsuka's stuff and I'm a bit disappointed with how some of the stuff is handled. Case in point, Setsuka's shoes are completely separate from each other in that a break doesn't work the same as it does on her which is disappointing. They just fully disappear. I was hoping that they'd work like the other items that are like that and the tabi version would turn into the non tabi version. I guess custom recolours are a no-no, since I actually quite like armour break.


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I feel like Setsuka’s equipment break is incomplete, yeah. Her hair obviously breaks properly and her dress frays as would be expected from a SoulCalibur IV break (so in a good way), but her arms and legs just go fully bare. It’s even weirder that there is a sockless version of her footwear that doesn’t get used by the mechanic.