Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion


[09] Warrior
Some recent creations I created of past Soulcalibur characters :)

Luna (SCVI Outfit) - I wanted to make something original and classic at the same time using colors from her outfit in Soulcalibur III

Marienbard (SCVI Outfit) - I was going to give her an original outfit and went through so many designs, I ended up giving her a Halloween themed outfit instead lol I also gave her shorter hair instead of the French Braid hairstyle; Marienbard and Auguste were my favorite characters that appeared in SCIV too (I also created an original outfit for Auguste and made him a werewolf)

I really love how my creative skills are coming along with the new items and features with SCVI's Creation Mode since it was first introduced in SCIII ^_^


[09] Warrior
Recently made these two:
King Kazma (Summer Wars)
King Kazma (Summer Wars).jpg

Alex (Tekken) *I removed this character then brought them back and altered the colors from the first time I made Alex
Alex (Tekken).jpg