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[12] Conqueror
Don't see that coming! never happened when i re-created Auguste from SC4 on the same day as i get Setsuka DLC and new Character Creation set


[06] Combatant
So as a continuation of this post I've been using the "new" in-game chat to test out my characters' names; besides "Karen," it seems "Xiu" (from "Xiù Měi") is also banned, at least on Xbox LIVE. I'd certainly like to know why, but at least this would indicate the the type of letters or punctuation doesn't matter, since "Den Blüdsoul," "Ariel Leåmmas," "Aži Dahāka," and "Dr. Insano" all worked just fine.
So I noticed last night that the name "Karen" is no longer censored on Xbox Live… this coming a week or two after finally deciding to change my devil's name to "Kitty 'Akamu." 😛 Just as well; I'm pretty sure all of the short skirts and long jackets conflict with each other.

"Xiu" is still censored (so my Dynasty Warriors recreation is just going by "Měi"), as is the word "could"; so if you entered the phrase, "glad I could help" (as I did), it's all asterisked out. This is why you don't let algorithms control censorship. 😒