Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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It ticks me off that they neglected VS mode to the point of absurdity. It's inconsistent and buggy as hell in my experience, and it seems as if they've mapped a very particular behavior to each of the characters making them far too predictable.

I mean, could it hurt to give Xia something else other than 3B CE that she uses at every opportunity? At times they start sidestepping constantly, like irrationally walking around you all the time like no human player would. Sometimes they don't even try to hit you as the counter goes down to zero, subsequently losing the round. At times they are practically impossible to beat but most of the time they are a joke.

I wonder if the team even knows how botched this mode is.
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i’m betting they based the AI solely on the personalities you can choose between in training mode (offensive, defensive, evasive etc) that’s why fighting AI seems so inconsistent and they often do things that don’t make sense


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I wish tournaments would stream the pools more often, most streaming spectators are not too bothered if you do it without commentary to save costs. Not only that it's not as if SC6 pools are running parallel with each other at this tournament so you would only need one streamer. If anyone is going to this tournament see if you could sort something out to stream the pools, it would be very appreciated.



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I wish they’d atleast tease a CaS pack instead of just dropping a few recycled items and then wait for ages again


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Definitely a bug with hit detection or something of that nature. CaS at even the smallest size being bigger than her messes with a fair bit, especially the roses. On a separate note, kinda hoping that there's at least some chance we get the reveal of the 2nd CaS pack and maybe Cassandra alongside it at The Mixup. I'd assume it could happen just because it's on an official Namco channel as well, though I expect nothing as always. Still, it's about the time with the pace of releases that they say something about it and maybe show something.


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Presuming this is a bug. My CAS Amy style character can't accumulate roses. Now that sucks on an impressive level, lol.
It's a bug with the CAS heights I think. Believe it happens on the tallest height.
Additionally some of Amy's attacks miss roses against CAS creations. (If you're playing actual Amy).

Some characters seem to be doing a weird glitch as well, some sort of animation cancel and repeat, its quite weird.
I believe Amy, Maxi and Taki are the ones I've seen do it.
Definitely Amy and Maxi however.