Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


[13] Hero
So, like
Glad to hear we'll be getting 150 pieces of equipment, but the presence of the gourd and that stupid cat makes me question the quality of the rest of the pack. I know we'll be getting some good stuff but I gotta wonder what useless items we'll get this time. God knows the first pack had a few.
Also I really hope we get a hairstyle or two this time but I doubt it.
yeah tbh i dont understand why they’re even including these stupid gimmick accessories when there are actual good outfits from the old games that we’ve made vocal that we would prefer


[09] Warrior
Creation Set B

This is the list of parts coming in creation set b.

Also I believe there was a misunderstanding regarding the amount of parts there are in Set B.

I believe when they said over 150 parts they meant in the season pass and not in Set B alone.
If those are all the parts then that's disappointing. Most of those look like trash.

Like seriously, who even thought anyone would want this?