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In English: Hwang and Li Long weren't candidates for SC4.

Well that sucks, but considering Project Soul has new blood in senior positions such as Masuooyama (who is a big fan of the original Soul Blade), I think anything is possible now, especially if the leak is true about Hwang.


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If anything, it’s more likely that Daishi’s distaste for older women is to blame. If Hilde wasn’t covered head to toe in both of her outfits, I can guarantee she would have been cut or they’d have given an excuse to not have her age.


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[Rumor] If I'm not mistaken. Hilde, Algol and Dampierre returned because they had fewer appearances in the franchise.

When talking about Hilde & Algol in SCIV, just because these characters was completely busted in their debut game they shouldn't be removed. Balancing new characters is tough because they aren't established yet as the series regulars. For Dampierre, maybe people didn't get to play SCIV: BD to see what he was like.


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Yeah, look, there are a couple of standout designs in SCV, and pretty much every stage in SCIII is eyecandy, but for overall technical and artistic achievement in visual design, combined with creative gameplay dimensions, and beauty, subtlety, and polish in the overall package, nothing in the rest of the series to date can compare with what was accomplished with SCIV's stages.
I must echo @Crash X on this, because with more than half of SCIV's [Edit: fixed "SCV"->"SCIV"] stages being either random castle locales or a "Star Wars" docking bay -- and the remainder being some version of barely illuminated/illuminated only by fire/dark as anaerobic sludge -- it strikes me as absurd to consider it anywhere near the level of SCIII's assortment, popping with color and variety as it is.

Is there anyone here who's fluent in Japanese who can translate this? If Cassandra was supposed to be gone from the series for good, then I'm VERY happy SC5 was thrown out the window.
Masuo indeed says it was declared back then that "Cassandra will not appear in the series anymore."
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