Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
There are eight SC6 setups on the PAX show floor. There's been a long line, but it's been moving quickly. Plus, you get to watch some SC6 gameplay while waiting, so it's not a bad wait at all. It's a great place to be.

My only complaint is that all the setups have arcade sticks with the button layout:

Not to get too judgmental or anything, but if that's your preferred way to play SoulCalibur, you're a criminal who belongs in jail. And button remapping isn't really allowed, since there are displays everywhere telling new players what the buttons do. My mind is very slowly adjusting to this madness.
Oh you're here? Would love to meet. I did see two local FGC people remapping buttons at their setup lol. No Fs given. I don't mind that button layout though.

Anyway don't expect any reveals. The tournament showcase is Sunday, as well as an exhibition between Floe and Justin Wong.

Also, all the cosplayers are here if you want pictures! Sophitia, Taki, Talim, and Sieg.

Build is E3.

Game is beautiful, plays beautiful. However, the screens are too large to be that close and I almost had a seizure.


Prelude to Madness
w e l p

I'm a believer. :sc2rap1:

I wonder, is that Raph's 1P or 2P? The colour scheme looks so different from his previous ones.


[03] Disciple
Credits to the awesome Aaron Borg that posted this at SOULCALIBUR Competitive Players on Facebook.

He said it's from Melbourne Esports build. Looks fucking real
Cervantes's design is pretty good, Raphael's is fucking amazing apart from the eyepiece which ruins the entire thing and makes him look like a twot. I sure as fuck hope this is fake because that design for him really sucks balls, but would be perfect without that eyepiece. Personally, I'm not buying it. something about the image just feels off to me, something about the characters feels a bit unpolished and I doubt they'll be releasing any more demo builds. What the fuck is up with all the dotted lines and mini white circles replacing slots? I pray this is fake just because my boi raphael deserves better.


You are in too deep!
I guess that's what the game's gonna look like when you first load it up. Looks like those small circles are characters you unlock after playing certain mode(s)? Hmmm... but that wouldn't make sense since Azwel is there azwell. (sorry...)

A It's kind of strange where those small slots are placed now. Extremely strange too how that slot on the upper left is now a tiny slot..


4 smalls slots

no tira



[09] Warrior
holly fck base roster of 21 characters (assuming Inferno is not unlocked) and as we all can see there are 4 wit dots those are the DLC spots i dont know how to feel about this.


God I hope that isn't it for the base roster.
Lizardman and Hwang would then take 2 DLC slots then Tira and new guest???
Please noooo

Cassandra Setsuka Hlide Amy???


Prelude to Madness
I'm so torn on that Raph. I love masquerade-style masks on paper and think one would fit him perfectly as a disgraced nobleman on the lamb. But the one in that pic just looks so bland, so normal.


[13] Hero
Two more spots.

Come on Hwang and Aeon...

Hoping Tira goes to the DLC(?) slot on the right and Inferno takes the center. Hoping against hope, maybe.


[14] Master
He doesn’t have a goatee, but wow at Raph’s outfit. Glasses seem random. And I knew an outfit like Octopath Traveller’s Cyrus would suit him perfectly.

Why is Mi-Na vs Voldo?