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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Nov 2, 2017.

By Jaxel on Nov 2, 2017 at 12:22 AM
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    As of today, no longer exists. It instead forwards do BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America's brand website. What does this mean? Did BAMCO take the website down because they are prepping a new website in preparation for an announcement? Or did they just ghost us?

    There have been rumblings during the past few months about an upcoming announcement for the series... especially with the attention BAMCO was giving the series last year during it's 20th anniversary. What's happening? Only time will tell... Discuss.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Nov 2, 2017.

    1. Draggonnfs
      As I already observed in SC6 discussion... Well the two conclusions are obvious. Of couse there's a lot of hope in me that this means they are preparing a new title, but with Bamco being so silent about SC for quite a while now... I'm on the side of "it's friggin dead".
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    2. HogisGuy
      Being this quiet is never a good sign. If they had just the tiniest little bit of SC6 on their way. They should've at the very least let us know about it even with the Tekken craze going on.

      You can tell from this whole forum that very, VERY few people are excited or hopeful and i'm afraid that a new SC isn't even going to help anymore. It's kinda like the Half Life 3 effect. We are excpecting this game to come out sooner or later but what if it does and it turns out they have put as much effort into it as an old scooby doo episode. Or if they tried their darnest and still it didn't come out well. What if we expect this game to be this grand epic new fighting game but ends up being just as dissapointing as the things that were announced with a joke of a "20th Anniversary". I'm afraid that the longer it goes on we are going to expect more from it.

      I think it's great to see that people still feel that there is a chance for a new game release and maybe we'll see it soon or in like the year 2067. Unfortunately, my excitement is long gone. Yes i hang around here a lot still and read everything in the SC6 thread but i just feel like i can't add anything to it. I agree though that when/if they announce SC6, it's gonna be RIGHT the fuck out of the blue. We won't expect it like last time. My soul still burns but barely.
      P.S. Sorry Jaxel but wasn't it the 20th Anniversary and not 25th? Or am i going crazy with all these 20th, 25th Anniversary-crap going around?
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    3. ZER0
      SC is ded, time to move on and play Smash
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    4. AnOceanOfBlood
      Are you prepared to stop showering and wearing deodorant?
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    5. Crash X
      Crash X
      Welp, no more SC. GG guys.
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    6. Soul
      If i remember correctly, something similar happened to the SC website before SCV's announcement. I don't remember if it was removed or redirected like this case, but it was under maintenance for a long while. And after maintenance was over, SCV was already announced and i remember they were doing these:
      You had to vote to reveal the full artwork. Although they only did this for Mitsu & Pyrrha.

      So who knows...
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    7. JohnMcKee
      If something is announced, do not expect brilliant marketing. And if SC is dead, hopefully they'll say it so we can organize proper funerals.
    8. Jeromeice
      The Soul Calibur twitter posted another F4F tweet the 24 October.
    9. Jeromeice
      Also, the 20th anniversary soul calibur site is still online, as well soul .
      I think they deleted because it is not relevant anymore, they have to go to the next generation of player etc ..
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    10. Draggonnfs
      I think you mean Because there is no that would be related to soulcalibur. Thank god that the project soul and sites are still up, soularchive has a bunch of cool material.
      Not sure if this is as relevant, but their Facebook page has taken a hit. It used to be 355k likes and it's now at 354k. It's actually on the verge of hitting 353k and WILL reach it if things remain stagnant.
    12. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
      There's a couple of things worth noting about the site, though:
      1) It's not in English, which somewhat alienates the western fans. That's ironic, considering most of SoulCalibur's sales come from the western countries than Japan.
      2) The site doesn't seem to have been updated at all in 2017. The latest news seems to date 12/6/2016
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    14. Marginal
      It's worth noting that from SC1 onwards, Namco has scrubbed the old site and then launched a new site on that domain preceding the new game's release. They mainly just use the site as a marketing tool (mega shock there.)

      So that detail's kinda a neutral action at the moment. Could mean they flushed the series, or it could mean they're planning to release a new site for the new game.
    15. LinktheBadass
      [​IMG] [​IMG] press f for respects
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    16. Marginal
      Press X for respects? Did someone take down the CoD web site?
    17. LordOfThe7Seas
      I honestly think that they have something awesome coming our way. we've complained enough about everything they've done wrong in scv and I'm sure they don't want to make that same mistake again so are tight sealed about what they have in store for us until they feel its 100% legit. its coming and I think that there most def going to do a revival sort of new IP. I could be wrong and most likely am but that's what I think is happening. This year 2018 we'll hear something or at least get a conformation by x-mas that there on it.
    18. CjHN2
      2018's the last year for Project Soul to save BandaiNamco. Oh wait, Dragon Ball Fighterz is coming out that year, too.
    19. ZER0
      who said 2018 was the last year Project Soul had to save bandai namco?
      Tekken 7 and DBFZ are more than enough to hold people over until SC6 gets its eventual release

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