Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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I like the gloves and boots, but I hate the undergarments from these hentai outfits from Lost Swords.
I don't mind the undergarments tbh. Though, what I do mind is that there is a lack of skimpier outfits on the male's side. Heck, I wanted to put Groh in Ivy's outfit only to find out in dismay that was impossible. Lol Maxi will just have to settle eyeing him in Voldo's outfit.


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I entered in rule 34 just to see which under age character has more fanarts, Obvious are more hentai/yaoi pics from theses characters in other social media, especially with this patreon mania, anyways:
  • Leixia 0
  • Bangoo 1
  • Ashlotte 4
  • Lynette 9
  • Xiba 16
  • Natsu 25
  • Astaroth 49
  • Amy 136
  • Talim 303
Congratulations to Talim, Erotic Queen Kappa
You might wanna change your name and flee the country. I'm pretty sure you just got added to every FBI watchlist there is. They get very serious once they detect excessive searches of Astaroth hentai.


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Very few of these items can even be traced to SCIII's creation mode, and the ones that can be are pretty basic stuff.
So what you’re saying is... the return of Neneko’s hat is possible!

I don’t actually have any hope that we’ll ever see it again. :sc4amy1:

I'm honestly shocked that Cassie's lighting consumable is causing such a fuss, I see zero issue with it and personally I'm quite fond of it. As for Amy the only thing about her gimmick I don't like is that you have to grind to unlock her moves, I would much prefer if the roses were to indicate her changing stances instead.
It’s mostly because the gimmick makes a lot more sense for Sophitia, for me personally. Cassandra has always had a brutal, no-nonsense (butt attacks notwithstanding) style, which was, for the most part, defined by her own determination and willpower, rather than being augmented by some divine force. So for her to suddenly be able to call forth elemental storms is jarring and ill-fitting for the character.


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so this is that point where I have something to tide me over (zafina's translucent outfit + titty's) and I just wait for something calibur to happen...

Let's party in October/November when something actually is announced!