Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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He said he only return in February December for Hwang come back.


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We don't have any high res screenshots of Setsuka yet, right? Just the artwork for now? I wanna see her in more detail even though I know it's just a short wait until August 4 lol.


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Yeah again, I'm grateful she's back and I will definitely be using her. it's just thar her design for herself left a bit to be desired. I agree that from a background perspective, her design does make sense with her European/Japanese heritage and I don't necessarily think the outfit is the worst thing, I like the footwear though I must admit that I'm not feeling her new hairstyle on her. I think they should've gave her the unused longer geisha hairstyle in the SC3 1-player concept art even if they kept it all blonde. But again, that's just me, I know I'll probably be in the nitpicky minority lol.

At least she's officially back now and we have 1 more to go which hopefully will be Hwang or Yun-Seong

I've been playing SC4 in anticipation for Setsuka's release and I forgot how slow and clunky this game feels
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Right, Soul Calibur 4 was definitely the slowest game of the series and it's the one thing I never really could get behind. Like obviously you can adjust and get used to it but back in the day when you were coming from either Soul Calibur 2 or Soul Calibur 3, boy was it very noticeable lol