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Right so I'm probably gonna be in the minority saying this but while I'm very happy that Setsuka is back, I'm really not liking her new design for her for herself. Like I know her outfit will be useful for character creation but as for Setsuka herself, I feel like her new appearance is very underwhelming. I'm disappointed that they didn't use the SC3 black hair design as a template for this but I guess the only reason I feel this way is because I sorta grew up with SC3. Like I remember getting it when it first came out in 2005 and being completely enamored by Setsuka's design, it was so simple yet so striking to me and it became forever ingrained in my head. I probably wouldn't mind this new design if Soul Calibur 4 was my first ever Soul Calibur game but yeah. It even sucks that we're not getting her old SC3 for character creation and I wasn't really a big fan of her SC4 look outside of her hair + hair accessories and shoes so at least we're getting those for CAS lol

Again, I'm happy that she's back and I look forward to playing as her again and even more excitingly, I can't wait to finally be able to color her umbrella, specifically the "Ridicule" umbrella if she has it in the game because I've always wanted to see how it would look in all black or all purple but aside from that, I just think it's a shame that it feels like they're trying to pretend like Setsuka's SC3 look never happened which is sad because it really was a unique look for her in my opinion.

@Kai_lombax if you are a minority i belong in that minority as well. I'm with you, i really had my expectations on her SCIII look, because after all i grew up with that game and in the back of my mind it probably was the game that pleased me the most.

I'm afraid it might be as you said, that the devs teams actually want to forget her SCIII design, maybe they thought it's not a proper attire for the vision they have for Setsuka.
Even if i don't like all of that i have to agree they did a nice logical choice, her costume makes sense, she as european/foreigner atributes, her asian clothes indicate that she is travelling but also ready for battle. Which makes sense rather than a Geisha dress. Basically they had a good ideia and i had the wrong expectation.

But like @bagazstormy said, maybe that SCIII it's not lost,the Hairstyle and Geisha outfit will make sense if Setsuka later on meets Mitsurugi in Japan like the intro in SCIII.

Apart from that one of the things i thought today after checking her trailer was that i preferred that most of our 8wayrun group liked it and me not be inlove at first sight rather than the opposite. Things happened how they were supposed to and i'm grateful for that.


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I hope they cover Hwang boobs too..
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I'm pretty sure her boobs will appear once her armor breaks, maybe it was also design with this in mind but i can be wrong.

And there's still SC4 outfit for more BOOBS (they called it Classic outfit, i wonder how they would call SC3 outfit then, Jurassic outfit? huh...)
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Yeah again, I'm grateful she's back and I will definitely be using her. it's just thar her design for herself left a bit to be desired. I agree that from a background perspective, her design does make sense with her European/Japanese heritage and I don't necessarily think the outfit is the worst thing, I like the footwear though I must admit that I'm not feeling her new hairstyle on her. I think they should've gave her the unused longer geisha hairstyle in the SC3 1-player concept art even if they kept it all blonde. But again, that's just me, I know I'll probably be in the nitpicky minority lol.

At least she's officially back now and we have 1 more to go which hopefully will be Hwang or Yun-Seong

I've been playing SC4 in anticipation for Setsuka's release and I forgot how slow and clunky this game feels
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Right, Soul Calibur 4 was definitely the slowest game of the series and it's the one thing I never really could get behind. Like obviously you can adjust and get used to it but back in the day when you were coming from either Soul Calibur 2 or Soul Calibur 3, boy was it very noticeable lol