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I'm honestly super impressed with her design, I was almost certain we'd just get a dressing-down of her SC4 design. The black and white was an unexpected but very nice choice of color scheme. Also kinda living for the ancient Japanese Louboutins she's sporting lmao
Was kinda hoping for black or brown hair but oh well. At least the ponytail's pretty. Excited to see what her armor break hair looks like.

All in all, comically absurd cup-size increase aside, this is probably my favorite design of the game tbh

Less excited to see that ridiculous Lost Swords "armor" set but eh. Least the boots, gauntlets, and headpiece are usable.


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Honestly Valeria deserves a second chance, bring her back with a complete moveset.
Plot-wise she's the only maid maybe could become a 'true' character, but I think devs don't have intention to bring her, except if they have MUCH budget to make/bring more filler characters. If I remeber correctly some of her kicks are from Tekken characters and Algol absorves some of her moves alongside the Revenant's Wave Blade moveset.


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The more conservative design may arguably be connected to the younger look she has. But it’s weird how she got a rare de-aged design.
Mitsurugi and Sophitia are also "de-aged", especially Mitsurugi, but effectively anyone who is representing their SoulCalibur I persona basically is like that. You could argue Seong Mi-na is looking younger Azwel as Kilik and Xianghua, it's really kinda bizarre to have some designs clearly from ~1586 and others from ~1590, but that's what happens when you make this kind of game that spans years of timeline. SoulCalibur VII likely won't have this, though, assuming it's covering SoulCalibur II-IV, all taking place between 1590-1591. Though it might have some after years to build us towards the future more gracefully than was done with SoulCalibur V.

I like it, though, seeing Setsuka from the start, getting her origin story properly presented in-game finally, like we got for Raphael, Talim, Tira, Amy, Cassandra, and Hilde, which wasn't done properly before. It helps garner feelings to care for the characters as individuals beyond their movesets, which really does a lot to create a deeper bond, I feel. Setsuka was among the lowest tier of relevance to the main story as it was anyway, and her personal story wasn't given much attention either, so this is the chance they needed to really breathe life into her character.

Honestly Valeria deserves a second chance, bring her back with a complete moveset.
I don't really have hopes for the shop girls, considering they seem fine with us just buying stuff straight in creation or museum. All three of their styles, though, were quite unique and brought something cool to the table. Maybe not literally bringing back Lynette, Phualin, and Valeria, but repurposing their styles for a new character would be the more realistic expectation. If we must eventually get Xiba back, for example, he could use Phualin's extendable staff to be a better representation of the Monkey King that he's already doing, rather than aping Kilik's style poorly and also stealing from Mi-na to take them both off the proper roster. It's a win-win, to keep everyone and to give everyone more originality. The grieve edge has potential for a lot of possible applications, but tambourines, that would take a special level of Dampierre to sell properly on a non-joke character.


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Lynette is basically a whitewashing Christie Monteiro using Voldo's joke weapon.
Xiba with Hualin moveset
I totally disagree, Hualin is basically Kilik, most of her attacks are with her hands and kicks ( martial arts, maybe reference to their origin or something like that) in which she uses the rod as if it were a lip gloss, the only 'unique' thing is that she can do is expand her generic rod into a giant dildo, which in my opinion it leaves her as the worst maid in the game, in addition to being a copy of Chun Li with less thick legs.


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Xianghua and Kilik kinda look like different people in 2, but got their old designs back afterwards.

At least Mitsurugi and Sophitia looked like that once. So did Mi-Na. But everyone else seems to look the same.

Orherwise the characters from later games kept their later physical appearances.

Also keep in mind Mitsurugi and Sophitia were the original two reveals. And SCV stopped caring about aging once Maxi and Ivy were revealed...

And if mystery Japan person is Kunimitsu for Tekken 7, she probably didn’t age either as she too was frozen like the Williams.


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Confirmed Valeria has more boobs than Setsuka, I can sleep tonight. Next. :sc5lei1:
Hideo himself said that Setsuka is 4th in height, but she wears those goofy platform Oiran sandals that adds significant height
The right-left order isn't necessarily in height (as you see Natsu is a tall outlier
In SC6 the heights are mostly following the cannon/height chart, but Seong MIna (barely) and Tira (especially) are taller than I expected

I'll probably update this with Sets soon

I wish there was a default pose like in the SC3 create-a-character art where they hold their weapons, so I can compare the in-game weapon sizes as well
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I think they should've gave her the unused longer geisha hairstyle in the SC3 1-player concept art even if they kept it all blonde.
Yeah, I liked that one, too (obviously, duh). While I'm okay with her new hairstyle, I dearly hope that her hairpins/hair ornaments will be seperate ExEq items (without the meh flower), so we'll be able to recreate something similar with the Geisha hairstyle or her SC4 hairstyle.