Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

There's potential for such a thing, just look at the potential Dark Souls II had as a competitive yet custom-character-based game.
Should that come at the cost of a large part of Soulcalibur's experience? No.
Should this thing be "burdened" with the Soulcalibur brand, limiting its design? No.
You should play Dragon's Dogma.
I have. Still not same. Most rpgs you design body face ect but not clothing which is what CaS focuses on. You are stuck with what you find and stuck ditching the few good things because are suboptimal. In CaS you dress them design them and fight them.
How about a sequel to this then?
I mostly need some good ways to take screencaps just to get some reference photos to practice drawing from. It needs to be in SC since we're used to it by now.
This is going to sound silly but I played Soul Caliber 2 about the same time j watched a anime called Angelic Layer. I think I started to think of SX as Angelic layer in a way back then.

Make cool fighters, fight for a while, rinse, repeat.
I have. Still not same. Most rpgs you design body face ect but not clothing which is what CaS focuses on. You are stuck with what you find and stuck ditching the few good things because are suboptimal. In CaS you dress them design them and fight them.
Defense barely matters in DD, but with the expanded dragonforging, even simple, early-game clothing levels out anyway.
You could argue that 100% Sleep/Possession/Petrify resist is important for pawns, but I'd argue it's more of a luxury. Not everyone is fighting Death, after all.

In most RPGs you don't really sacrifice much for choosing lesser armour, and there's often ways to either not take damage at all, via dodging for example, or defensive buffs available.
The only problem I find is games forcing you to wear full sets or forcing you to wear helmets, such as Skyrim's full armour perks and Dark Souls 3's dumb flat damage reduction stat, but even with those, there are ways to play around it.

How about a sequel to this then?
I would have absolutely adored this back in 2002, why have I never heard of it?
MUGEN is more my thing now though.
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Well, it's probably a tad late... meh, i'm gonna do it anyways.
This is what i believe would be the best thing to do to make CaS the best it can be, IMO. If Bamco picks up any of this stuff, my money is being sent to bamco HQ the moment it is revealed. Don't get me wrong, I love the editor as it is and will still be happy if there are a few minor improvements. Don't you even dare remove anything though. Or you will have a very angry Ukkesh on your hands. This'll be a long ride, so fasten the seatbelts, let's get started:

1) Basic body body sliders at least. Seriously, If they roll back this, they have failed us. It was in SCV, which is like six years old now, and if it was in that why not Sc6?
2) Advanced body sliders. There is no reason not to. I mean, you'll get some of those aids creations, but can we have options to slide, hands, feet, neck, head? Making a tall or muscular character was often hampered by the fact their hands didn't look like they fit the body. And lets not even get into head and neck size.
3) Eye Options. I'm talking heterochromia and the option to have lizard or cat eyes. The option to choose large or small pupils to make the character look softer, or more evil.
4) Facial sliders. Yeah, I get that it might be a 2-d fighter, and gameplay is more important, but EVERYTHING has it now. Please?
5) Other Facial options. Stuff like what Voldo has. Some people might want it.
6) Malfestation Options. Stuff like glowing eyes, the deformations etc.
7) Allow us to have more than two scars. That's it. It just makes it easier to make a character more unique.
8) Just get rid of conflicts. Maybe I want to wear a baihu coat with trousers other than slacks or leather pants. It should be my issue if something clips. If something clips, just allow it. There was a bunch of conflicts that made zero sense. The Baihu coat was the worst offender, but there were a bunch of other things too.
9) Weapon Editor. Simple as adding a blade, a hilt, and a guard, as well as a small add on to the handle or something. It makes it easier to make characters our own. I GUESS i could live without it. But it would be nice.
10) Weapon trail customisation and colour editing on every weapon. This should go without saying. It's 2018.
11) all the Hairstyles from 3,4,5 and the option to make them longer or shorter if you just like the fringe or something. This also has to do with a later part.
12) The non-modern DLC's from SCV, Such as the maid costumes and dark warrior stuff, and the ancient armor. Just adds flavour. (And i have a particular liking for the mervelleuse dress for some reason)
13) the option to equip items from the main cast. I liek groh's edgy eyepatch.
14) A bunch of voice options. Kind of there are a bunch of lines that are all read by the different voice actors. Or multiple versions of the voice actors Ala DW9E.
15) Ability to customise every character FULLY. You don't understand how weirded out I was when I went to customise Nighty, only to see he had only shed his helmet and decided to go pantsless. Then none of the items fit the higher poly look of his actual upper body armor. nngh.
16) If there is no weapon editor, can we at least have one weapon that is not like the rest. Kind of like how Sieg had Ogre, or how Maxi had those scythe things that looked like he'd cut himself whenever he used them.
17) Get rid of the weird nonsensical stuff. So you're telling me I can't wear high heels AND stockings?! or i can wear black tights, but if i want to wear heels, i magically am barefoot from the ankle down, and when i get broken i magically have my stockings covering my feet again?! Or worst of all, having a demon or satyr magically growing human legs, despite having goat legs before he/she was lethal hit. Wow, lower body stuff was weird.
18) PLEASE BY THE GODS don't do what happened in SCIV and give us attributes. I barely played that, just because it was weird.
19) Don't do the combined things from SCIV! NO just please don't do it. Bring back Scarlet blossom shirt from SCIV though. That one was cool.
20) Height SLIDERS. So i can be as big as Asta if i want. Or be like 4"9. Makes it interesting, but might be annoying with hitboxes. It'd fix everything if the character was set to the actual character's height online.
21) Just a random thought. But can we have the ability to go up against our CaS or characters in custom costumes in the arcade mode. Maybe allow us to choose a character them and stage. That'd be cool.
22) Possible CaS dialogues. Not anything huge or time-consuming, maybe just like five extra lines that can be set when going up against another custom, to make a decent dialogue. This specifically goes with the choice for lines in character creation.
23) No more of those cards. It was fine for SCV, but can we just like, have the models for the select screen.
24) Quality of life music. Allow us to choose a character theme to listen to while we create characters. If you are like me, you would will probably go insane because of how repetetive and boring the music is in CAS. Plus i want to Listen to nightmares theme for days.
25) Most importantly of all. Just make it as functional as possible. I Just want to have a good CAS experience since that was what brought me into the series. I just want it to be as good as it can. So what if i'm late, maybe it could be used for SC7. IDK.

This is an extra thing that is more quality of life, that i feel could fix a lot of complaints with armor break. Give us three states. One normal, one for armor break, and one for soul charge.
- The first state should be like creation in SCV i guess. Just the normal creator.

- The armor break state should have each part set into High, mid and low. So, feet, legs, socks, and faulds for low. Then for mid have Arms and gloves, Upper body covering, and shirt. High should be pauldrons, neck, helmet, face. Then for each of these sections, you can choose which breaks, and which is unbreakable. But you do not have to have anything breakable. So for customs and custom costumes, you can choose for them to not break at all. It'd also be nice to be able to pull a sophitia and get a different haircut when you are high armor broken.

- The soul charge state is kind of just wish-fulfillment. The character is set to their underwear (so you can see where you are placing stickers), and then you can place items like stickers, that glow or something and appear during soul charge. You place them on the body and they appear during soul charge. Then you can choose the aura, if you want, like nightmares for example. Then you choose the Aura on the weapon, so the Malfestation, Fire, just generically glowy like mitsu's, etc. and the colour. (this next bit is one hundred percent casual and will get CAS banned from tournaments faster than you can blink) Then as wish fulfilment, you can choose the properties of the charge. This may be simply cosmetic, like Groh's hair change, and you can set the length of the hair to be longer, or glow a colour, and same with eyes, and voice can be made malfested. Then you can choose if you want specific properties, like losing health in exchange for a TON of time in charge or insane damage.
I agree with all the things you said here. They really need to give us an option to disable equipment destruction. I cannot emphasize this enough. It almost defeats the purpose of making a detailed custom character.

Hope Bamco listens.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but what's the point? sure these all sound like great ideas, but they're just not realistic and most of them will never be in the game, SC is not a RPG, they are never going to put that much emphasis on CaS, regardless of how popular it is, and this is coming from someone who's favorite part of the Soul series IS CaS, so much so that I made my own dumb lore for every character I create.
I made my own dumb lore for every character I create.
Hehe me too. I'm aware basically none of this will even be read, let alone added. I don't really mind about if they add anything to the CaS that much, as long as I can still create the characters I've had since sc3. No bubble burst. I'm just throwing my two cents in :)
If they remove things from the CaS in scv I will be pretty disappointed though.
I don't care about these features as I still hold the same opinion towards CAS in previous SC iterations; that is CAS is still useless and gimmicky.

Whenever I look at a game that features character customization, I look further beyond customized looks and see what other customization aspects are available to me and what I can do with them.

In short, I don't like the whole customization aspect to be very limited.
I've always been a mixed person with CAS because I can see from both sides. On one hand, my first Soul Calibur game was SC2 and I found myself getting attached to the characters and I can understand why some people think SC should be about its own characters but on the other hand, I love creating characters and have fun making them in these games (even though SCIV was so limited compared to 3 and later 5). However I feel that CAS should stay in the game because at this point, it's a staple of the series and it's not like you have to make characters if you don't want to and online, you can just make lobbies with the rule of no CAS characters.

Me personally, I make time for both the official characters and CAS characters. In saying all this, I don't mind seeing a spinoff game where it was focused o nthe CAS and we get cameos from the official characters kinda like what we got in Chronicles of the Sword mode in SC3.

How about a sequel to this then?

Oh man I remember seeing this game LOL I totally regret not buying it back in the day when I had the chance but when I looked it up on YouTube years later, while the graphics look passable for 2002 PS2 standards, it seemed a bit too technical where you'd probably have a hard time making your characters. I remember coming across a newer 3D Fighting game maker called EF-12 and it seems to be a lot more refined.

Seems pretty legit lol

I mostly need some good ways to take screencaps just to get some reference photos to practice drawing from. It needs to be in SC since we're used to it by now.

Hm I don't know if you're talking about Soul Calibur V but it did have a screenshot mode you could access in the PS3 hub menu while you were playing the game.
I agree with pretty much everything you shared here. :) And I've been saying the same thing for a lot of your ideas for years. The one thing I would add that I'd like to see along with most of the stuff you have on the list is for them to bring back ALL the clothing worn by the official characters from Soul Blade all the way up to Soul Calibur 5. Soul Calibur, at least the earlier games in my opinion had some of the best clothing I've seen in a fighting game and it would be a waste to see them fade into obscurity so why not bring them back as CAS items and treated as a tribute?

I actually made a video about this kind of stuff 3 years ago

Pardon my voice though because it was when I was first getting into making videos and speaking so I sounded pretty bad in the beginning. I did do a slight update in a follow up video I did in 2017 though I didn't go as in depth lol

I don’t care for CaS myself, but removing it from the main games would potentially hurt sales for the future instalments. And I know people have hammered this in numerous times already, but the option to disable CaS in player matches would be the better way to go. That way both sides of the fence would be satisfied.
Random thoughts:

-Separate the undergarments for top and bottom.
-Have panties as the default.
-Allow highlights for all hair.
-Heterochromia or glowing eyes.
-Physical features separate from items (ie Elf Ears can’t be removed)